Our Story


Founders Crystal Gibbard and Riley Carlson met working behind a bar in Gold Coast, Australia. Both born and raised in Canada, their journey of self-discovery in Australia lead them to each other and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they returned home together. Quarantine sparked their entrepreneurial spirit. Crystal and Riley started making beeswax candles and, in their research, discovered just how many harmful ingredients are in everyday household items, like candles. However, they quickly learnt that beeswax doesn't hold fragrance quite as well as other waxes. Wanting to engineer an all natural candle that also throws scent while burning, they were able to achieve this by using coconut soy wax, which are the candles offered today. 

They strove to do better, because you deserve better.

“Beeing Beautiful is inspired by our travels. We know what’s out there and we appreciate what we have at home. It’s about bringing unity to life: a healthier lifestyle that inspires harmony and giving back.”


Our Mission

Beeing Beautiful was founded on the concept of clean products for an inspired home. It’s as important to us what the ingredients in all Beeing Beautiful products are, as which ones aren’t. We believe in creating luxury, sustainable products that are made with integrity.

Our candles, bath bombs, and lip balms are carefully crafted with naturally-sourced, premium ingredients—and always free from dyes, parabens and phthalates.

Through our travels we’ve developed a passion for helping others. With Beeing Beautiful, we can give people clean beauty for their home as well as give back, starting with our "Candles With A Cause" initiative. We have partnered up with Urban Light Thailand to help continue our mission: Abolish Child Sex Trafficking. With hopes of eventually, working with other initiatives around the globe that are in line with our vision for a more connected and sustainable planet.

$1 from every candle sold gets donated to help shine some light on an incredibly dark issue. With 4 candles sold, we are able to provide a night of housing for a child in need of shelter. With 10 candles sold, we are able to provide 3 nights of housing. With 25 candles sold, we are able to provide 17 days worth of hot + healthy lunches for helpless children. With 50 candles sold, we are able to supply 1 year of school uniforms. With 150 candles sold, we are able to sponsor 1 mobile clinic that brings health & hygiene care and support to marginalized communities.

All products are handmade in Calgary, Alberta.