Our Story

Beeing Beautiful began with one purpose in mind; offer genuinely clean, all natural products at a competitive cost without cutting quality. 


In 2019, soon-to-be Beeing Beautiful founders, Crystal Gibbard and Riley Carlson met working behind a bar in Gold Coast Australia. Both born and raised in Canada, went to Australia separately to find something better and greater for themselves. Fate found them working behind a bar together in the Gold Coast. They slowly sparked a romance and decided to move in together. Shortly after, while being in Australia, the Covid-19 pandemic took place and both were forced to come back to Canada. Ending up in Calgary Alberta to quarantine, they were looking for things to pass the time. They finally stumbled upon making beeswax candles. They then started looking into all the household luxury items that the everyday house carries, such as candles, bath bombs and lip balms. They quickly realized how many harmful chemicals are in all of these products. Thats when it all started.


Beeing Beautiful was founded on the concept of clean products for a clean home. 


All of our candles come in reusable luxury jars. Coming in matte white or matte black with an all natural bamboo wooden lid with our signature lotus flower engraved into it. Equipped with a crackling wooden wick, it ensures an environment that will go unmatched. The premium signature blends we use for our fragrances are all paraben and phthalate free for an all natural burn. Able to burn for more than 40 hours each, it is sure to set the mood for many, many nights.


Our vision for our bath bombs was to reinvent the bathing experience. All our bath bombs are 20% larger than your average bath bomb providing a longer experience. Each and every one of our bath bombs are formulated with the most premium butters and oils for moisturizing. Mixing and matching during our design process, they combine to provide an intoxicating smooth feel. Absolutely no dyes are used to colour our products. All colours come from all natural kaolin clays or vegetable powders. There is also no fragrance oils whatsoever. Everything is scented with all natural essential oils, blended for different soothing effects. All our bath bombs also are formulated with both Dead Sea salt and Epsom salts for a relaxing, muscle soothing effect. Even the harmful foaming agent SLS is found in most bath bombs you will find on the market. We use SLSa which is an all natural alternative to SLS but provides an amazing foaming lather.


Beeing Beautiful lip balms are made with only 4 natural ingredients. Beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter and vegetable oil based flavour oil. Thats it. Made to moisturize and not meant to be addicting, but addicting.


All products are proudly handmade in Calgary Alberta.